About Us

At Nutrapuris our mission is to help 20 million Americans improve their health and vitality through natural supplementation by the year 2020.

Its something that we take for granted, neglect and abuse on a regular basis, often without even realising it. And yet we're more dependant upon it than anything else in life - money included. In fact it normally takes some kind of significant life event or scare before we wake up to the one undeniable reality of our lives.

Without our health, frankly we have nothing in life.

Everyday in this modern world our health is under attack from a myriad of toxic and disease-inducing enemies. Thankfully though, we don't have to just sit back powerlessly and accept this situation any longer. 

One day we said: Enough is Enough.

It was time to reclaim our health and vitality. And once we had the knowledge to do that we wanted to help other people do the same. This isn’t something that should be kept from us.

We knew from the outset that journey was not going to be easy.

Our desire to succeed was only fuelled by the never-ending misinformation we're fed by the pharma-controlled traditional media. Our goals were only emboldened by the scepticism of the brainwashed public who have - literally - had to swallow decades of deceit from the medical establishment.

Plus, our commitment to discovering the very highest quality nutritional supplements was only strengthened by the lack of transparency and clarity we experienced as customers when we searched high and low for independent health brands we could trust.

Ultimately, it was the frustration we experienced when trying to find 100% genuine, top-quality nutritional supplements that led us to make a decision of life-changing importance.

We knew that we had to create our own brand of only the very best nutritional supplements we could find, then share them with the world.

So, during one fateful day in 2013, Nutrapuris was born with a mission. We have committed to help 20 million people from America and all over the world to fundamentally improve their health and vitality by the year 2020.

So, if you’re ready to finally reclaim your health and vitality then please join us – and let’s share this most important journey of all together.

To your health and vitality